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Bushwalk. Drive. Horseride. Picnic. Take your pick. These are just some of the many activities available to visitors of the beautiful Monga National Park, NSW. Please note: camping is not permitted in this park.


Monga National Park, NSW

How do I get there?

The Monga National Park is located 20 km south-east of Braidwood and 40 km west of Batemans Bay along the Kings Highway.

Monga National Park
The sizeable, picturesque Monga National Park is located 20 km south-east of Braidwood and 40 km west of Batemans Bay.


The Monga National Park is an ancient region of near pristine, cool and warm temperate, rainforests set on 26,000 plus hectares. In a world of ever shrinking rainforests and rapidly increasing climate change, this is without question a place that everyone should experience, especially the kids.

Choose from the easy and accessible (you don’t even have to get out of your car!) to the more arduous and remote (the 18 km trek down the mountain range on The Corn Trail is a cracker!). For more details on these activities go to the bushwalking or driving  section of this website.

Monga Boardwalk

The boardwalk located at Penance Grove, Monga National Park, NSW, is well worth a visit.


The Mongarlowe and Buckenbowra Rivers that flow through the park really add to its magic and appeal. Along their banks, there are a number of places to swin, picnic and experience rare flora and fauna in their natural environment. The best things in life really are free.

Mongarlowe River
The magic of the Mongarlowe River.


Some of the highlights of the Monga National Park:

  • Penance Grove – If you’d just stepped out of the 'Tardis' you might think you’d travelled back into the very distant past when Australia was part of the super, southern continent of Gondwana. You’ll be standing under a tall canopy of plumwood trees surrounded by ferns, mosses and lichen. In the right light the Grove can look positively luminous. The easily walked boardwalk that meanders through the area provides a great viewing platform… and there’s a 'surprise' for children when they meet the Grove’s unusual host.

  • Mongarlowe Picnic Area – This is an easy 10 minute walk from Penance Grove. This sheltered and well-equipped picnic area (with toilets) is an ideal base from which to further explore the surrounding eucalyptus forests or the slow flowing Mongarlowe River (with the distinctive Monga Waratah dotted along its banks).

  • Dasyurus Picnic Area – This is the first picnic area off the Kings Highway. It’s (again) on the banks of the Mongarlowe and is a great spot from which to start exploring the Corn Trail.

  • The Corn Trail – This is an old, old route used to travel between the Tablelands down to the lower valleys of the South Coast. From the 1820s this Aboriginal 'highway' was used by settlers. Now you can explore it on foot with a walk – or on horse.

  • The Loop – This is a 27 km car drive that winds its way through the old growth forests, tree fern valleys and lush, wet areas. It passes most of the favourite attractions in The Monga National Park and is a good way to first experience the area before deciding on where you’d like to return to for a longer visit.