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Braidwood has a rich Aboriginal Heritage going back for tens of thousands of years.
In Ryrie Park stands a public expression of ackknowlegement that this land was occupied by and cared for by aboriginal people of the Dhurga language group in the Yuin Nation for tens of thousands of years before european settlement.
Importantly the rock also stands as an expression of aspiration that we can create a future where indigenous knowlegde and wisdom are valued, and the land cared for eternally.
The stone for the rock was sourced from the MIntaro Quarry in the Clare Valley SA. by Ian Marr, a local artist, who inscribed the stone.
The rock is a 3000kg piece of Mintaro slate.
Noel Butler a Budawang elder designed and carved the North East face.
The contours on the inscribed face of the stone suggest the escarpment of where Braidwood sits in the Yuin land encompasing the highland and coastal areas to the sea.
The Dhurga Rock was unveiled on th 16th of May 2015 by Jack Waterford at the opening of the 2015 Two Fires Festival.
The Two Fires Festival honors and carries forward the sprit of poet Judith Wright's twin passions, art and activisum.
The festival has been held biennually in Braidwood since 2005.